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Windy Hill Bergamascos is a small kennel located in western Maryland.   We are committed to follow a responsible breeding program.  Bergamasco Italian Sheepdogs are a rare breed.  Special care must be taken to ensure genetic diversity, good temperament, and a healthy breed.  As a small hobby breeder our goal is to contribute to the Bergamasco Sheepdog population in a positive way to promote a healthy breed, good temperament, body type and function, and genetic diversity while maintaining their ancestral form and natural instinct to drive livestock.  Our dogs are registered FCI, UKC and AKC.  We show conformation and will hopefully compete in rally obedience, agility & herding trials in the near future.  Please browse our site for further info and photos.

Member of National Bergamasco Sheepdog Alliance, S.A.B. Associazione Amatori del Cane da Pastore Bergamasco

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